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Home Movie Day 2017

21 October 2017: Home Movie Day (locations)

Launch of ‘How we live – messages to the family’

Launch of ‘How we live – messages to the family’, dir. Gustav Deutsch (AT, 2017) at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Montreal), 4-15 October 2017.

LostScapes – visioni inusuali di Bologna dagli archivi di Home Movies

LostScapes – visioni inusuali di Bologna dagli archivi di Home Movies

Domenica 2 luglio ore 20 (opening), ore 21.30 (proiezioni con sonorizzazione), Istituto per la Storia e le Memorie del ‘900 – via S.Isaia 20 – ingresso libero
Opening di LostScapes – visioni inusuali di Bologna dagli archivi di Home Movies
programma a cura di Home Movies all’interno di Best – La cultura si fa spazio

La rappresentazione della città e delle sue trasformazioni, attraverso le preziose immagini inedite di Home Movies. Il racconto dipanato in sette puntate con proiezioni serali e all’aperto in altrettanti luoghi della città è un percorso che dal centro va verso la periferia, per evocare l’atmosfera di una città in continua trasformazione, a livello sociale, culturale, economico e urbanistico [Tutti gli eventi sono a ingresso libero].

2/07 LostScape #1 Il primo appuntamento si svolgerà nella sede di Home Movies c/o Istituto Parri. Si parte dal centro verso la periferia con una selezione di immagini dedicata alla Bologna mobile, laboriosa, brulicante degli anni ‘50, ‘60, ‘70. Dal tram all’autobus a due piani, dalla crescita del traffico urbano alle giornate dell’austerity (le prime domeniche a piedi, in bici e a cavallo…), si percorreranno nel tempo le strade che costituiscono lo scheletro della città, a partire dal film di Angelo Marzadori, Bologna Democratica (1951), un inno all’ottimismo del futuro e un’eccezionale caso di mappatura cinematografica, e da una selezione di immagini inedite dell’Azienda Tramviaria Municipale dedicate alla mobilità.

6/07 LostScape #2 – la Bolognina
(programma condiviso con Mercato Ritrovato)
Parco della Zucca – via di Saliceto 3
proiezione ore: 21.30
dalle 19.30 – DJ SET / dalle 19 alle 23 cibi di strada

11/07 LostScape #3 – San Donato
(programma condiviso con Orchestra Senzaspine)
Mercato Sonato – Via Tartini 3
proiezione ore: 21.30

18/07 LostScape #4 – il pilastro
(programma condiviso con Orchestra Senzaspine)
Parco Pasolini – Via Pirandello
proiezione ore: 21.30

25/07 LostScape #5 – la Cirenaica
Parco Giusti – via Ilio Barontini 13
proiezione ore: 21.30

28/07 LostScape #6 – la Beverara
Parrocchia di San Bartolomeo della Beverara – via della Beverara 90
proiezione ore: 21.30

31/07 LostScape #7 – Ritorno in Centro
(programma condiviso con Mercato Ritrovato)
Piazzetta Pasolini – via Azzo Gardino 65
proiezione ore: 21.30 sonorizzazione di Massimo Carozzi
dalle 17.30 alle 21.30 mercato dei produttori del territorio

Reminder: Regional Moving Image Collections and Archives in the 21st Century Symposium

Regional Moving Image Collections and Archives in the 21st Century, Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium, July 20-22, 2017, Bucksport, Maine, USA

Twenty-first century regional moving image archives discover and collect increasingly diverse audiovisual artifacts. Join us for an international gathering featuring two days of screenings and discussions on the coast of Maine.

Each session is about 30 minutes, with discussion directly following. All presentations take place in the cinema and emphasize moving images, knowledge sharing, and community collaboration among archivists, librarians, media makers, community members, and scholars. Since 2000, the Northeast Historic Film Symposium has helped build interest in regional audiovisual heritage. For past themes, see symposia-and-roundtables

The Symposium starts on Thursday, July 20, with projection of early film formats by Dino Everett, University of Southern California, and a book launch for Amateur Movie Making: Aesthetics of the Everyday in New England Film, 1915-1960 (Indiana University Press, 2017).

Friday morning, July 21, begins with 2016 William S. O’Farrell Fellow Andrea Mariani, University of Udine, Italy, presenting Bridging the Gaps, Connecting the Dots. Amateur Cinema League and the Emergence of the Cineguf Movement in Fascist Italy. Siobhan Hagan, Mid-Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive, will discuss No Time for a Hiatus: Reinvigorating Local TV Preservation on the National Level. Jen VanderBurgh, St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, concludes the morning with Speculative Collections: A Case to Include VHS TV Recordings in Regional Archives.

In the afternoon, four presentations come to us from the United Kingdom, U.S. Pacific Rim, and New England. Rodney Obien and Zachary Giroux, Keene State College, New Hampshire, offer Considering the Home Movies of Louis de Rochemont. Returning symposiast Michael McCluskey, University of York (U.K.), will discuss Village Biographies: Filmmaking in Rural Britain.  Rachel Price and Libby Hopfauf, Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound, bring us Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound. Wrapping up the first day is Claudy Op den Kamp, University of Bournemouth (U.K.), The Film Archive as a Birthplace: Found Footage, Legal Provenance and the “Aesthetics of Access.”

Saturday, July 22, starts with a discussion of regional moving images in education, onetime Northeast Historic Film collection manager Gemma Scott, representing Technology Grange, Maine Student Film and Video Festival Collection. Devin Orgeron and Melissa Dollman from North Carolina State and University of North Carolina, will discuss Regional Film in the Classroom.

Following lunch, Emily Vinson, University of Houston Libraries, will draw on television series Almanac and The Capitol Report: Preserving, Describing, and Reaching Audiences for archival Regional Content.  Symposium veterans Oliver Gaycken, Siobhan Hagan and Caitlin McGrath from the University of Maryland and Greenbelt Theatre dive into Sharing Your Strengths: Models from the Mid-Atlantic. The concluding presenter is John Pettit, Temple University Libraries Special Collections, with Unedited North Philadelphia: Successes and Challenges in a Neighborhood Centered Screening.

Questions, contact or

Home-front home movies

Archive Show East Anglia At Play: A treasure-trove of archive films on leisure activities in the East Anglia from 1900 – 1960. This entertaining collection includes a 1919 Golden Wedding ( Kings Lynn), Bank Holiday celebrations( Welwyn Garden City) , Home-front home movies, holidays by the sea (Clacton on Sea), 1950’s scouts, pre-war cricket in Coleshill Bucks, a delightful film about a sun bear in Great Witchingham [and] old cinema advertisements from 1950’s and 60’s.”

BAFTSS Amateur Cinema SIG conference panel, 21 April 2017

Amateur cinema and its multiple film sub-genres“, 21 April 2017, BAFTSS Amateur Cinema SIG panel, BAFTTS Conference, Bristol, UK

Overview: There is an urgency to circumscribe, re-define and develop a critical language able to cope with the rapid shift between what was conventionally categorised as private and personal – i.e. home movies watched and distributed as ‘home entertainment’ – and what has become in the digital space a public, global privacy where the image-maker adopts the amateur’s creatively liberating status. The three speakers will place their core research agenda at the confluence of such clashing and yet co- dependent moving-image production and distribution practices and will consider possible new directions in inter-disciplinary scholarship. Each speaker will explore methodical, extensive approaches addressing developments in amateur cinema practice and studies while relying on the intrinsic interdisciplinary approach dictated by specific questions of technology, social and political dynamics, economic structures, changing aesthetic cannons, and contemporary cultural patterns. They will consider new insights regarding the ways in which visual and memory experiences are currently shaped, stored and re-distributed across new amateur cinema/media technologies and visual channels, and will discuss several examples of visual methodologies relevant to collective memory and representation studies within the global framework of amateur/user- generated film and media.

For further details about the three papers presented see BAFTSS Amateur Cinema SIG panel


‘Turkowski’s ‘Margarete’’

See HMP article ‘Turkowski’s ‘Margarete’ at Noorderzon 2012

Regional Film and Audiovisual Archives in the 21st Century

‘Regional Film and Audiovisual Archives in the 21st Century’ – July 27-29, 2017, Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium, Bucksport, Maine, USA

Twenty-first century regional moving image archives discover and collect increasingly diverse audiovisual artifacts that represent increasingly diverse media-making populations. This year we seek to bring together archivists, collectors, scholars, and practitioners involved with regional AV archives—and regional AV collections within a general archives—to consider best practices in expanding the reach and content of the regional moving image archive. Both “real world” and aspirational presentations are welcome.

Calling upon the regional moving image archive community internationally, we hope to create an atmosphere for sharing case studies, developing collaborative initiatives, discussing what works and what doesn’t, and screening representative material from the world’s regional film and AV archives.

Some topics to consider, and all others are welcome:

–Ways of affirming regional moving image identity

–How to raise money for general day-to-day activities

–How to put together a publication project highlighting your archive’s material

–How to set up a research scholarship? Benefits/drawbacks

–How to identify sources of income

Cataloging nontheatrical/home movies for maximum benefit

–Stock footage sales, advantages and adventures

–Dealing with vendors on a small scale

–Scholarship that foregrounds regional material: methodologies and outcomes

–Regional material as capsules of broader cultural trends

–Teaching with regional moving image materials

Please send a 250-500 word abstract outlining your presentation idea and a brief cv via e-mail to: The Summer Symposium Program Committee is: Jennifer Jenkins, University of Arizona; Audrey Amidon, National Archives and Records Administration; Liz Czach, University of Alberta; Dino Everett, University of Southern California; Heidi Holmstrom, National Archives and Records Administration; and Devin Orgeron, North Carolina State University.  We are happy to discuss your presentation ideas with you in advance of a formal submission. The Symposium Program Committee will begin reviewing proposals on March 15, 2017 and will finalize the program by April 10, 2017.

Launch of the BAFTSS Amateur Cinema SIG

We are delighted to announce the launch of the BAFTSS Amateur Cinema SIG.

Archivio Aperto 2016, IX Edition of the Amateur and Family Film Festival

Until 7 December 2016: Archivio Aperto 2016, IX Edition of the Amateur and Family Film Festival, Bologna.

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