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Bolex 8mm camera, George Clooney and Einstein

Not for the “faint-hearted”: Bolex D-8LA 8mm Camera (1961), George Clooney and his dog Einstein: the latest ad campaign for Omega wristwatch and an invitation to explore in greater detail Gillian Rose’s take on the ‘ethnography of audiencing’ .

8mm Bolex, Clooney and Einstein

Home Video in “Uno”

6.9 million people watched on AMC the first episode of Better call Saul (Vince Gilligan’ Breaking Bad spinoff), 9 February 2015. A few minutes into the episode there is a priceless example of home video as evidence in a court of justice – prosecution at its best.

New book on ‘Memory and Home Video’

‘Grindhouse Nostalgia: Memory, Home Video and Exploitation Film Fandom’ By David Church (Edinburgh University Press, 2015).

Free chapter available at Grindhouse Nostalgia


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