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‘Private Films in Public Spaces’ session at the Pesaro Film Festival, 25 June 2021

The ‘Private Films in Public Spaces‘ session is curated by Karianne Fiorini and Dwight Swanson.

“In the last twenty years, more or less, numerous film collectors, families, and film archives devoted to the home movie heritage of the last century have put their home movie collections (or at least part of them) online, providing them with the images and information needed to give us an idea of which kind of materials the virtual spectators are going to have access to. Curated by home movies specialists Karianne Fiorini (Italy) and Dwight Swanson (the United States), “Private Films in Public Spaces” is a program of home movies and amateur films found online, a virtual voyage around Europe, the United States, and the rest of the world, with a spotlight on two of the main characteristics of the home movie heritage’s most enlightening subjects: private lives and public events.

Talking about home movies on the Internet means diving into a mare magnum of websites, catalogs, databases, repositories, and other online resources in which you can completely lose yourself in the huge amount of film materials available online in terms of beauty, customs and traditions, social richness, geographic spaces, and the cultural peculiarities which have brought the viewers through time and space. This program is an attempt to outline some possible personal paths by surfing through different routes: film archives, countries, cultures, people, historical eras, and events.

All these journeys all around the world through the eyes of the “amateurs” and their small gauge cameras will offer to the public a glimpse into what we can find online and on what home movies are (or can be) without any attempt to be exhaustive. After following the whole path, each home movie reveals itself to be different from the others, so at least from now on we hopefully will no longer hear the usual comments about these films, “they are all the same,” or “if you watch one of them you have seen them all!”.

CfP: The ‘little apparatus’: 100 years of 9.5mm film’ Conference (UK, 2022)

16 – 18 June 2022, University of Southampton  

An international conference hosted in person and online by the Department of Film Studies’ ‘Centre For International Film Research’ at the University of Southampton. 

December 1922 will mark the centenary of the introduction of 9.5mm film to the French cinematographic market. Pathé Freres first launched their ‘Pathé Baby’ home cinema system on domestic territory in time for the Christmas season, with the promise of a soon to follow lightweight and modestly priced cine-camera using the same narrow gauge, that could fit in a vest pocket (1923, pp. 48–50). In time, the new gauge became available elsewhere -arriving just ahead of Kodak’s 16mm film/cinema system and together signalling the first major boom in amateur filmmaking. 

This event aims to reflect on the diverse use of 9.5mm film throughout its 100 year history and create space for scholars, archivists and curators to explore and share new research in the field while opening up new avenues for inquiry. 

Hosted by the University of Southampton this international conference will accommodate a dual approach – in-person and online for contributions exploring/considering the global reach of 9.5mm film culture. International speakers are encouraged and our proposed format will allow for virtual attendance via live streamed sessions or recorded content. 

The conference organisers are delighted to confirm keynote addresses by Dr Ryan Shand (Ravensbourne University London) and Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes (University of Cambridge). 

We welcome proposals for 20-minute papers and for 1hr 30min conference panels, from scholars, archivists, and curators around the world at any stage in their academic careers. We are especially interested in interdisciplinary submissions and encourage papers and contributions across the wide use and application of 9.5mm film in the last 100 years. 

We would also like to invite regional, national and international archives to present curated packages of film as well as presentations on 9.5mm collections and filmmakers within their holdings. The organisers welcome papers on topics including, but not limited to: 

  • • 9.5mm as an amateur gauge 
  • • Professional/Avant Garde/artists’ filmmaking using 9.5mm 
  • • ‘Cult’ 9.5 
  • • 9.5mm and the democratisation of filmmaking 
  • • 9.5mm and challenges of representation and diversity in amateur film collections 
  • • The archival challenge/digitisation agendas/funding/historiography 
  • • Curating amateur film gauges, especially 9.5mm 
  • • 9.5mm and global experience of amateur technologies 
  • • 9.5mm and ‘The Cinema In Your Home’ 
  • • 9.5mm and colour film 

Abstracts of maximum 250 words and bios of maximum 75 words should be submitted via the Google Form on the conference website (Conference Website) by 17:00 (GMT) on 17 October 2021, with decisions expected in early December 2021. 

Submissions must include the presenters’ full name, institutional affiliations and the preferred method of attendance (in person or online). 

Conference Website 

Conference date: 16, 17, 18 June 2022 

Deadline for proposals: 17 October 2021 

Please submit proposals via the Google Form on the conference website Conference Website 

If you have any questions please do get in touch by email: 

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