The Amateur Cinema Studies Network (ACSN) is the first international initiative that brings together scholars and visual artists concerned with the study and production of amateur cinema.

The ACSN  Ltd. and its website were founded by Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes (University of Cambridge) in 2010. Both projects are being developed in collaboration with several film historians, theorists, and visual anthropologists interested in exploring amateur cinema studies in a wide-ranging and cross-disciplinary framework.

The ACSN aims to advance the study of amateur cinema through pioneering scholarship and international collaborative research and practice-based projects.

Mission statement:

  • Integrate and consolidate the existing cross-disciplinary scholarship relevant to amateur film studies, from film history to social anthropology, psychology, imperial history and gender studies
  • Create a forum for discussion, debate and up to date information for scholars and visual artists
  • Develop templates for teaching amateur cinema studies and promote their inclusion in film and media studies curriculum
  • Examine academic and popular responses to amateur cinema



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