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Letters to Afar: By Péter Forgács

Letters to Afar: By Péter Forgács, video and art installation at the Museum of the City of New York “based on home movies made by New York City’s Jewish immigrants who traveled back to visit Poland during the 1920s and [19]30s. The films document poignant family reunions and everyday life in small towns in the years before the Second World War, capturing a culture on the brink….”

Orphans at MoMA: An Amateur Cinema League of Nations…

18 November: Orphans at MoMA: An Amateur Cinema League of Nations. “Inaugurating a new annual collaboration in To Save and Project between MoMA and the NYU Orphan Film Symposium, this program celebrates the historical art of amateur filmmaking.

Enquiry re. Video Diaries of Ricardo Lopez

Does anyone know of any papers/chapters/ books about Ricardo Lopez’ amateur (selfie) films or about Sami Saif’s documentary on this theme (‘The Video Diary of Ricardo Lopez‘, 2000)?

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