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Home Movie Day and Night: The 24-Hour Marathon, webcast, October 27, 2019

Home Movie Day and Night: The 24-Hour Marathon (webcast): home movies selected from every time zone and compiled alongside live presentations and comments from around the world …

cfp and launch of ZINES – an international Journal of Amateur and DIY Media (2020)

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Workgroup ‘Amateur Media Cultures’

Convened by Alexander Stark, Alexandra Schneider, Yvonne Zimmermann and Tim van der Heijden, the workgroup is part of the NECS – European Network for Cinema and Media Studies. Further details are available here

Abstracts: ‘Amateur Practices and Technologies of Vision’ Conference (Milano, May 2019)

The ‘Amateur Practices and Technologies of Vision’ Conference has been convened by Luisella Farinotti, Associate Professor of Film Studies and Cinema Aesthetics at the International University of Languages and Media, Milan, in collaboration with Elena Gipponi and Chiara Grizzaffi, 23-24 May 2019. The event has been very well received and offered a rare opportunity for debates about amateur media and social and ethical engagements.


26 May 2019: Straight 8 Competition, London.

She Straight 8 Competition in London will include the following films:

an inorganic love story – lizzy mansfield

autonomat – anne fidler and declan hurley

babli – aneel ahmad

horse play – hansel rodrigues

memoirs of a geeza – theo james krekis

nature hunter – roger batteault

rumours – ollie birt

the honey bee – conor o’hagan, will skelton, archie blue

a kiss (is just a kiss) – georgia williams

blue murder – alex sultoon

…is the thing with feathers – jeneffa soldatic

letter to anne – bensdorfer kreis

new hat – james ruse

pink yoga mat – rose hendry

repent – candice nachman

switch – desiree faust & stefana brancastle

the immortality of the crab – giacomo manzotti

the perception of time – casey hennessy

there can only be one – max r lincoln

venus – rachel ramsay

walnuts – jere kittle

welcome home – nick kovacic

what a cab – jake kuhn

where is my friend – tian chen, emilio muniz martinez, nick nason

wine comes in at the mouth – wilex

‘Amateur Practices and Technologies of Vision’ Conference, Milano, May 23-24, 2019

The Department of Communication, Arts and Media at the Università IULM is hosting the ‘Amateur Practices and Technologies of Vision’ Conference on May 23-24, in Milano.

For additional information see  Amateur Practices_Program


‘The witchery of [colour] Kodakery’ and British women amateur filmmakers in late colonial period

See the latest blog published by The Eastmancolor Revolution and British Cinema project (1955-85) .

New publication: Amateur Media and Participatory Cultures…

New publication: Amateur Media and Participatory Cultures. Film, Video, and Digital Media by Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes and Susan Aasman (Routledge, 2019)

This book aims to delineate the boundary line between today’s amateur media practice and the canons of professional media and film practice. Identifying various feasible interpretative frameworks, from historical to anthropological perspectives, the volume proposes a critical language able to cope with amateur and new media’s rapid technological and interpretative developments. Building on key research questions and content analysis in media and communication studies, the authors have assessed differences between professional and amateur media productions based on the ways in which the ‘originators’ of an image have been influenced by, or have challenged, their context of production. This proposes that technical skills, degrees of staging and/or censoring visual information, and patterns in media socialisation define central differences between professional and amateur media production, distribution and consumption. The book’s methodical and interdisciplinary approach provides valuable insights into the ways in which visual priming, cultural experiences and memory-building are currently shaped, stored and redistributed across new media technologies and visual channels.


‘As one of the founders of this new field of research, I can vouch that we’ve been all waiting for this type of book on amateur media. The authors have carefully considered the last decades of research done on the theme of amateur media practice, from home movie making to digital and online productions, and raised pertinent theoretical issues as well as opened new research avenues. A timely and important book.’ Professor Roger Odin, Emeritus Professor of Information Sciences and Communication at Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle.

‘This fiercely original book widens amateur media cartographies by recalibrating with interdisciplinary methodologies, global visualities, and participatory media platforms. It insists amateurism is not marginal, but ubiquitous as its variegated practices migrate across histories, ethics, counter histories, archives, technologies. A massively significant, daring, rigorous, and field-changing intervention into amateur media studies.’ Patricia R. Zimmermann, Professor of Screen Studies, Ithaca College, USA.

More information is available here.

EUP on British history and amateur media

See Edinburgh University Press blog about ‘British Women Amateur Filmmakers

Happy New Year and (re-emerging) amateur film archive

Happy New Year!

For those interested in colonial amateur films, please see the new webpage for the former British Empire and Commonwealth Museum’s film archive.

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