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BAFTTS Amateur Cinema SIG events, 4-5 April 2023, University of Lincoln

4 April 2023, BAFTTS Conference

11.45-13.15. Special Interest Group: Amateur Film ATB0109
CHAIR: Annamaria Motrescu-Mayers
Alyssa Grossman
Transcending Domestic Ethnography: Haptic Remediations of a Family Archive
Zoë Viney Burgess
Towards the next century of amateur film archives: writing ourselves into history
Karianne Fiorini and Gianmarco Torri
A (possible) handbook for the creative re-use of home movies

5 April 2023, BAFTTS Conference

14.15- 15.45 Special Interest Group: Amateur FIlm Screening, MB0312

“Re-framing home movies” screening @ BAFTTS 2023, Introduced by Karianne Fiorini and Gianmarco Torri (Re-framing home movies)

  • Manuale di cinematografia per dilettanti – Vol. I (A Companion for Amateur Cinematographers: Vol. I) / Federico Di Corato (Italy, 2022, 20 minutes)
  • ciudad lineal (Linear City) / Riccardo Bertoia (Italy, 2021, 31 minutes)
  • Gli anni (The years) / Sara Fgaier (Italy/France, 2018, 20 minutes)

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