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26 May 2019: Straight 8 Competition, London.

She Straight 8 Competition in London will include the following films:

an inorganic love story – lizzy mansfield

autonomat – anne fidler and declan hurley

babli – aneel ahmad

horse play – hansel rodrigues

memoirs of a geeza – theo james krekis

nature hunter – roger batteault

rumours – ollie birt

the honey bee – conor o’hagan, will skelton, archie blue

a kiss (is just a kiss) – georgia williams

blue murder – alex sultoon

…is the thing with feathers – jeneffa soldatic

letter to anne – bensdorfer kreis

new hat – james ruse

pink yoga mat – rose hendry

repent – candice nachman

switch – desiree faust & stefana brancastle

the immortality of the crab – giacomo manzotti

the perception of time – casey hennessy

there can only be one – max r lincoln

venus – rachel ramsay

walnuts – jere kittle

welcome home – nick kovacic

what a cab – jake kuhn

where is my friend – tian chen, emilio muniz martinez, nick nason

wine comes in at the mouth – wilex

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