‘Da Bologna a Stalino’: a rare amateur film on the Italian Army in Russia, 1942

Curated by Home Movies – Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia in collaboration with Istituto Storico Parri Emilia- Romagna, ‘Da Bologna a Stalino’ is a unique 9.5mm film directed and edited by Lieutenant Enrico Chierici (1914-2001). The films documents Chierici’s journey alongside the 3rd Photographers Section, 8th Army Command, across Austria, Germany, Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine. Started in Bologna on 9th June 1942, the journey covered 3500 kilometres and took 15 days until they reached Makeyevka in Ukraine.

The film will be screened on 28th June at Cinema Lumière, Via Azzo Gardino 65/b – Bologna, with an introduction by Paolo Simoni, Mirco Santi (Home Movies) and Alberto De Bernardi (Istituto Storico Parri). Piano accompaniment by Antonio Coppola.


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