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Happy Halloween – ‘Sinister’

Sinister‘ , dir.  Scott Derrickson (2012) – “the film opens with  Super 8 footage depicting a family of four standing beneath a tree with hoods over their heads and nooses around their necks. An unseen figure saws through a …”

Happy Halloween! 

‘Unconscious Archives’, 1-2 November 2013

A two-day program dedicated to Unconscious Archives: The Perfect Medium is the Wrong Message, Apiary Studios, London, UK

“Exploring the dual meaning of ‘mediation’ within performance – the physicality of interpretation, and transcendent ritual. The fleeting trick of light from the corner of the eye, the brief contact point of chemicals intertwining and reacting, ghosts trapped in the home movie archive, non-human sounds and bodily digressions – ephemerality as told through the body’s appearance and disappearance….” For tickets see Eventbrite.

Writing history with user-generated narratives

See  the online crowd-sourced documentary project  ’18 Days in Egypt’, which was launched in 2011 and is still being active as an ‘instant archive’ of first-person social media narratives.

A new ‘take’ on Zapruder’s film

Le Monde has recently published a short essay/article on L’écho de l’assassinat de JFK, de Dallas à Hollywood by Clémentine Gallot (5 October 2013).

‘Orphans 9’ in Amsterdam, 2014

‘The Future of Obsolescence’, Orphan Film Symposium 9 (30 March – 2 April 2, 2014)

‘NYU Cinema Studies joins with EYE and the University of Amsterdam for the ninth international biennial gathering of archivists, curators, scholars, technology experts, librarians, collectors, preservationists, and artists devoted to screening and discussing orphan films.’ Proposals are still being accepted, see

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