Amateur Cinema @ the Orphan Film Symposium

There will be several events and research papers relating to amateur cinema during the Orphan 9 Film Symposium (Amsterdam, 30 March – 2 April, 2014) including:

– Ralf Forster (Filmmuseum Potsdam)Useful Humor and Releasing Laughter: Satirical Shorts in Amateur Cinema of the GDR
– Monika Supruniuk (Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw) Kazimierz Prószyński and OKO: The first Polish amateur movie camera (1914)
– Chris Wahl (HFF Potsdam) “Grad the Camera, Pal!” The Film Studio of Ironworks Combine Eisenhüttenstadt
– Maria Vinogradova (NYU) “Soviet Amateurs Are So Serious”
– Susan Aasman (U of Groningen) Staging the Amateur Dispositif, a performance with Andreas Fickers (U of Luxembourg), Tom Slootweg (U of Groningen), Tim van der Heijden & Jo Wachelder (U of Maastricht)
– Jiří Horníček (Czech National Film Archive) Against the War and Totalitarian Power: Two Examples of Socio-Political Reflection in Amateur Animated Films

The program for the Orphan 9 Film Symposium is available here.

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