Family Tales. Small Gauge Stories and Narrations

“Family Tales. Small Gauge Stories and Narrations
Home Movies – Parri, via Sant’Isaia 18-20

Saturday, November 17 – 5.30 pm | Talk / Screening

Last chapter of Family Tales workshop. Started the last June, the course has allowed participants to plunge themselves in the stories hidden in Home Movies Archive films. Sometimes unseizable stories, recalling oral memory of protagonists and witnesses, which have been recovered and brought to light with the aim of making them publicly available. We’ll present a varied landscape: from a Friulian family emigrated to Belgian Congo in the early century, to the families of dock workers from Ravenna, intertwining 9.5mm lyric and elegant images as well as rough super8 which document innovative school experiences from ‘70s.

Curated by Ilaria Ferretti and Chiara Petrucci with the collaboration of workshop participants.”

For further information see Archivio Aperto XI edition

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