Selected Filmography

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Selected Filmography

Adria – Urlaubsfilme 1954-1968 (Gustav Deutsch, 1990, Austria, 35min)

Amateur Night (Dwight Swanson, USA, 2010)

Angelos’ Film (Peter Forgacs, 1999, NL, 60 minutes, video)

A Semmi Orszaga (Péter Forgács, 1996, 62min)

Az örvény (Péter Forgács, 1996, 75min)

Balkan Inventory (Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi, IT, 2000, 62min)

Bartos Család (Péter Forgács, 1988, Hungary, 60min)

Brancusi films (Éditions du Centre Pompidou, FR, 2011, 50min)

The British Empire in Colour (Stewart Binns, UK, 2002, 180min)

Captured by Women (Alison Kahn, UK, 2011, 77min).

Capturing the Friedmans (Andrew Jarecky, USA, 2003)

CINEMEMO: 1. Approaching the camera 2. Moment of happiness 3. Life – a beach 4. Mobilisation 6. Close combat and the cameraman 7. A mystery tour 8. Being children (Michael Kuball (1,3), Alfred Behrens (2,3), Jean Baronnet (4,6,7) , David Collison (8), Germany, 1990, ca. 300min)

The Danube Exodus (Peter Forgacs, HU, 1998, 60 min, video). See also The Danube Exodus: Rippling Currents of the River  (2002). Excerpts from some of his films can be seen here.

Daughter Rite (Michelle Citron, USA, 1978, 53 min). See also interview

Der Fater (Christine Noll Brinckmann,Germany 1986 26min)

Don’t Fence Me In (Nandini Sikand, IN, 1998, 55min)

Destroying Angel (Philip Hoffman and Wayne Salazar, USA, 1979, 53min)

Domweg Gelukkig (Péter Forgács, Albert Wulffers, NL, 1994, 46min)

Electric Fragments 1-5 (Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi, IT, 2002-5, 94min)

E Minha Cara (Thomas Allen Harris,USA, 2001, 56min)

The Exquisite Hour (Phil Solomon, USA, 1989 / 1994, 14min)

Family Album (Alan Berliner, USA, 1986, 60min)

Family Viewing (Atom Egoyan, Canada, 1987, 86min)

Film D (Péter Forgács, Hungary, 1991, 83min)

Film Muet (Freda Guttman, CA, 1994, 9:27)

Final Cut (Mathias Muller, DE, 1986, 12min)

The Great British Home Movie (BFI Mediatheque, 2010, 40hrs)

H is for House (Peter Greenaway, UK, 1976, 7 minutes)

Home movie (Jan Oxenburg,USA, 1973, 11min)

Happy End (Peter Tscherkassky, AT, 1996, 12min)

The House of Science: A Museum of False Facts (Lynne Sachs, USA, 1991, 30min)

Human Remains (Jay Rosenblatt, USA, 1998, 30min)

I for India (Sandhya Suri, IN, 2005, 70min)

Intimate Stranger (Alan Berliner, USA, 1991, 61min) Interview.

Irome (Hiroyuki Oki, Japan, 1992, 8min)

Irone (Hiroyuki Oki, Japan, 1996, 9min)

Karagoez – Catalogue 9.5 (Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi, IT, 1979-81, 56min)

L’Amateur / Camera Buff (Krysztof Kieslowski, PL, 1979, 112min)

The Last of England (Derek Jarman, 1987, UK, 88min)

A Letter without Words (Lisa Lewenz, USA, 1997, 62min)

Lumumba: Death of a Prophet (Raoul Peck, FR/DE/CH, 1992, 69min)

The Maelstrom: A Family Chronicle (Peter Forgacs, NL, 1998, 60 min)

Márai sándor füveskönyv. Részlet (márai sándor herbal. fragments)(part of Privát Magyarország, Péter Forgács, Hungary, 1991, 27min)

‘Meanwhile somewhere…’, 1940-1943 (Péter Forgács, 1994, An unknown war, 52min)

Miss Universe 1929 (Péter Forgács, NL, 2006, 65min)

Moving Memories (Karen Ishizuka and Robert A Nakamura, USA, 1993, 31min).

See also Ishizuka,K. ‘Making Movies with Japanese American Home Movies‘. In Cuevas Álvarez, Efrén (ed.), La casa abierta. El cine doméstico y sus reciclajes contemporáneos, Ocho y Medio, Madrid, 2010, pp. 207-223.

My Mother’s Place (Richard Fung, CA, 1990, 49min)

My Private War (Harriet Eder and Thomas Kufus, DE, 1991, 90min) – excerpt 

Nicholas Brothers Family Home Movies, 1930s-40s (20th Century Fox, 1940)

The notebook of a lady (Péter Forgács, Hungary, 1994, 49min)

Obsessive Becoming (Daniel Reeves, USA/Scotland, 1995, 55min)

Persistent Visions (Erika Tan, UK, 2005, 23.48 min; multimedia installation using archival amateur films)

Private Chronicles, Monologue (Vitalij Manskij, RU, 1999, 91min)

Private Hungary series (Peter Forgacs, HU, 1998, 60 minutes)

Ruins (Jesse Lerner, USA, 1999, 778min)

Shakespeare was a big George Jones fan: cowboy jack clement’s home movies (Morgan Neville, Robert Gordon, USA, 2005, 60min)

She/Va (Marjorie Keller, US, 1973, 3min)

Sink or Swim (Su Friedrich, USA, 1990, 48min)

Something Strong Within (Karen Ishizuka and Robert Nakamura, USA, 1995, 40min)

A Song of Air (Marilee Bennett, AU, 1987, 10min)

Straight 8—A Portrait of Tom D’aguiar (Ayisha Abraham, IN, 2007, 17min)

Tabee (Nico de Klerk, Frank Roumen, NL, 2002, 53min)

Tarnation (Jonathan Caouette, USA, 2003, 88min)

The Thirties in Colour (BBC, 2008)

Tokyo Miyatake: Infinite Shades of Gray (Robert Nakamura and Karen Ishizuka, USA, 2001, 28min)

Traktátus (Péter Forgács, Hungary, 1992, 39min)

Vagy vagy (Péter Forgács, Hungary, 1989, 44min)

You’re Gonna Miss Me (Keven McALester, USA, 2005, 91 min); trailer

Volkskino, amateurfilme aus der DDR: Hier schippt die KPD and Wir sind so jung wie unsere Republik (by Alfred Behrens); Es gab ja bloß normal and Skoda Drivers are better Lovers (by Michael Kuball),(Germany, 1991, 173min)

Wittgenstein Tractatus (Peter Forgacs, HU, 1992, 32min)

The Zapruder footage: an investigation of consensual hallucination(Keith Sanborn, USA, 1999, 20min, Super 8/DV)


NB: Check also CZACH Liz, ‘Selected Filmography and Videography’. In Mining the Home Movie.Excavations in Histories and Memories, Karen L. Ishizuka and Patricia R. Zimmermann (eds.). University of California Press, 2007, pp. 289-297.






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